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About The Online Fly Fishing Guides and Team Members

The Online Fly Fishing is made up of knowledge from several experienced fly fishermen and women. Together they bring countless hours of fly fishing expertise to this site. The Main Goals we are trying to accomplish with this site are Fly Fishing Education and Fish Conservation. From providing information on fly fishing gear, to the proper handling and care of fish, and the noble idea of catch and release, we strive to be the world's leader in Fly Fishing Information and know how.

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Keeping our waters clean and full of trout cannot be accomplished by only a couple individuals. We need the help of not only fly fishermen, but the fishing community as a whole. Sign up with us to become a member of one of the most elite groups of fishermen on the web.

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We would love to include your writings wheter it has to do with a piece of equipment (good or bad), a personal fly favorite or one you invented, or even a particular body of water that you want to share a great experience that you had. We will review any articles that you send us and post them on our site once we see they have passed our editiorial guidelines. Feel free to add a link to it and we will help send traffic to your site or blog. Please do the same for us, as the more quality links the better. Send submissions to

The Online Fly Fishing Team

Chris and Taylor have been fly fishing for years and have logged many hours wading in rivers gaining the expertise that it takes to become succesful fly fishermen and learn the equipment to make them more efficient.

Chris with Bull TroutChris Jackson lives in Idaho with his Wife and young daughter. His lengthy fly fishing career has given him much knowledge not only in catching fish, but also in the preservation of this great pastime. "I enjoy being out in the places that these awsome fish live just as much as I like to catch them. It is a great feeling when the two come together and you catch a beautiful fish in a beautiful place!" Whenever Chris is not working, he is on his computer building this website, or spending time with his family and or friendsoutdoors making memories they can share.


Taylor with Bull TroutTayor is the deffinition of a fly fishoholic. Whenever he is not Fly Fishing or tying flies, he is going to school chasing a biology degree. Even then he is day dreaming of heading for the river or wondering how he can duplicate the bug he is learning about into something the fish cannot resist. Taylor has logged more hours on the water than most fisherman log in their lifetime. He, his knowedge, and fish ethics are a great benefit to this site. Thanks Taylor for all that you have done and will do to enhance what most of us take for granted.


The Online Fly Fishing Guide Members:

Shawn Jackson

John Benner

Kris Frost

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