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Fly Fishing Rods For Trout

Choosing the Best Trout Fly Rod

By Chris Jackson

Published at


Recommended Weights:

All Around: 5wt

Dry Fly: 4wt

Nymphing: 6wt

Steamers: 6wt-8wt


Recommended Brands and Models:

Value Priced: R.L. Winston Ascent

Mid-Range: Sage VT2

High End: Sage TCX

Bamboo: Winston Bamboo Lite Trout Fly Rods 3wt & 4wt or Winston Bamboo Trout Fly Rods 5wt & 6wt


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Fly Rods come in all different sizes depending on the type of fish you are after as well as the tactics you plan to deploy.   Trout pose a reel problem when it comes to picking out the perfect fly rod, as they come in all sizes, and can be fished with many different tactics.  So, unfortunately there is not one best fly rod for trout that will be superb for all trout situations.  Luckily, when an angler goes fly fishing for trout, he or she has an idea of the average size of fish and the method of fly fishing they will most likely be using.  With this information we can choose the best fly rod for trout with regards to your situation.

First, we need to look at the size of trout you will be after.  For most situations, a 4wt-6wt will be sufficient.  While a 4wt is pretty light for a fish that is over about 22 inches, it will deliver a very light presentation for a dry top water fly, and it is this natural presentation that will persuade a 20+ inch fish to take it.  With a 6wt rod, you will have plenty of back bone for bigger fish and longer casts, but you will sacrifice a little of the light presentation.  With that being said, some people elect to split the difference if they only want to buy one rod and purchase a 5wt.  A 5wt will get you somewhere in the middle and perform well in most trout fly fishing situations. 

Second, we need to look at the type of fishing you will most likely be doing.  There are three preferred methods of fly fishing for trout that vary with the way one presents their fly.  They are Dry Fly, Nymph, and Wet Fly presentations, with variations of each.  Here is a list of what rods work best for each method:

Third, we need to think about quality and price.  All fly fishermen and women have different budgets they are willing and able to spend on a fly fishing setup.  The rod is only a third of the main setup.  The line and the reel make up the rest.  So keep that in mind when you decide how much to spend on a rod.  With price, comes quality and warranty.  I would suggest making this a long term investment and buying a rod that comes with a lifetime, unconditional warranty; you will not regret spending a little more on a better rod.  Fly rods do a lot of work and you will feel the difference between a cheap rod and a well built one.  Fly rods for trout with a warranty will start out at nearly $300.00 for a value priced rod and go up from there to over $2000.00 for a custom bamboo rod.  The value priced rods are great beginner’s rods and will perform effectively everything you will need them to do.  With the high end rods you will get a nicer feel and more comfortability, and maybe slightly better line control and presentation.  Like so many other things in life, it is best to go with the best fly fishing rod that you can afford as long as it come with the lifetime warranty, because we all break a rod sooner or later whether it be on a huge fish or your truck door; I have done both.

Choosing the perfect fly rod for trout or any other fish is not a simple decision.  There are numerous brands, sizes and styles to choose form. The next step in this process is picking out a make and model of rod, and then a reel and line. You can find the perfect rod at Choose which weight rod will best be suited for you and we will show you the exact rod we feel is the best bet for a wide range of budgets.

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